Metocean Measurement Services

Woods Hole Group conducts site specific metocean measurement programs using our own pool of state-of-the-art meteorological and oceanographic equipment to characterize the offshore and coastal requirements on behalf of our Clients. Such measurements are typically required because there is often little or limited data available for an area of interest and key metocean conditions are likely to impact the design or operations of proposed marine assets and infrastructure.

Measurements can be undertaken in a broad range of ocean environments from the coast to full ocean depth and Arctic to the Equator. Our focus is always on providing data of the highest integrity and also ensuring high data return and the security of the measurements. Measurement programs range in duration from one month (covering a full tidal cycle) to multi-year programs. They can range from a simple single location measurement of just one or two parameters, to multi-location measurements of a broad range of metocean parameters. Typical measurements include:

  • Current speed and direction measurements throughout the water column in deep of shallow waters.
  • Directional wave measurements.
  • Water level measurements looking at both tidal variability and non-tidal, atmospheric and surge effects.
  • Seawater physical parameters such as temperature, conductivity, salinity and density.
  • Wind speed and direction measurements.
  • Other meteorological parameters including air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, etc.

Other environmental parameters can be combined with metocean measurement programs such as nutrient levels, turbidity, chlorophyll a, acidity/pH levels, etc.

Woods Hole Group measurement services are provided by experienced oceanographers, oceanographic engineers and technicians. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by using sound engineering principals and providing in-depth analysis of the whole measurement program to provide the best possible data quality and data return. Our metocean measurement services include include the following:

  • Scope of work design and guidance.
  • Assessment of the best approach for undertaking the measurements in terms of data integrity and security.
  • Assessment of instrument set-ups to provide data that will characterize the anticipated conditions.
  • Detailed design of oceanographic moorings to maximize security and ensure the ability to collect valid data in all expected conditions.
  • Provision of real-time data telemetry, if required.
  • Preparation of equipment for the metocean measurement program and logistics for equipment and personnel to the port of mobilization.
  • Installation, maintenance and recovery of the metocean measurement equipment.
  • Detailed quality control and quality assessment of the measured data.
  • Data analyses to derive statistics and present the data in clear, unambiguous and innovative data presentations.
  • Preparation of detailed data reports that describe the measurement techniques, data collected, analyses conducted and the interpretation of the data and observed metocean phenomena.

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