Environment & Engineering

Woods Hole Group personnel take pride in finding solutions for our client's that are consistent with strict regulatory standards and also enhance the environment. Human and economic advancement can be achieved in harmony with our planet's ecology even in our changing climate. We serve local, state and federal government agencies, private customers ranging from large industry to individual property owners, as well as non-profit and research organizations. We also pride ourselves on teaming with leading companies and academic professionals to ensure our customers have access to the best talent.

Clients come to us for proven engineering designs to protect a shoreline, dredge a harbor, or restore a sensitive habitat. Climate change planning is a specialty, as we work with communities to answer questions, such as "Where is the best place for us to build the next roadway, water treatment facility, or other important infrastructure that will be resilient into the next century?" This type of planning is important for our business clients as well who are making key investment decisions. We also provide the Environmental Impact Studies and secure environmental permits on behalf of our customers for projects to proceed. All of our work is grounded in strong science, based on data, observations, numerical models, analysis, and (most importantly) our professional judgment. The company was founded on the concept of applying the latest technologies to solving real-world problems in a better way. To fulfill this mission, we are now providing future flood predictions at the street level. We also are using satellite technologies to monitor the earth from a global scale, and also for site specific applications. We currently track thousands of animals, birds, mammals, and ocean buoys every day.

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These personnel also interact seamlessly with our Environmental and Fisheries Business Units for multidisciplinary client support.

2013 Interview with Kirk Bosma

Interview with Kirk Bosma

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