About Us

Woods Hole Group is an international environmental services and products organization headquartered in Massachusetts, and with USA offices in Delaware, Maryland, and Texas.  Woods Hole Group offers a range of Coastal, Ecological, and Oceanographic consulting services, along with products for collecting ocean measurements, ocean forecasting, tracking wildlife with satellite communications, and vessel monitoring systems (VMS) for fisheries management.  We have local, national, and international experience, and are part of the global CLS Group.

We are committed to meeting our clients’ objectives while safeguarding the environmental health of our planet.  This requires a fundamental understanding of the laws of Nature and a willingness—and ability—to challenge long-accepted notions of what can and cannot be done.  To protect the legacy of humankind in a changing climate, it must be understood more widely that economic growth and responsible environmental policy go hand-in-hand.

Plotting such a course, in partnership with public and private concerns, requires teams of collaborating specialists.  We encourage our people to learn from counterparts in-house and our clients, and to team with other companies, agencies, leading academic research institutions, and nations.  We are committed to bringing together leading experts and technologies to solve practical problems.  That is what Woods Hole Group offers.  That is why Woods Hole Group was founded.

2013 Interview with Bob Hamilton

Interview with Bob Hamilton

Our work is a collection of science disciplines, not a single science